Maxim Leijdekker: What to do when you in a fight with a striker!.

Who is Maxim? You might call him one of our best kept secrets, once you know about his impressive stats! Did you know that he took part in the very first official Free Fight (MMA) in the Netherlands, fighting Henk Kuipers. Did you know Maxim fought one of Rickson’s opponents from Valetudo 1994, Yoshiniro Nishi. Did you know he has been training Fedor Emelianenko for his groundwork and is his personal friend? As you can see, Maxim has an impressive resumé in top level MMA. As up today he’s still active as an MMA coach and BJJ instructor. Maxim holds a 2nd Degree Blackbelt under Harold.

In this seminar Maxim will share his knowledge on how to deal with a striking opponent in a (street)fight, coming from a perspective in which you have no striking background. Ideal for you as a BJJ practitioner, to ensure that you can defend yourself in any situation, both standing up and on the ground! Please note that this is not an MMA seminar!

Please make sure you wear a white and clean gi with your academy patch.

  • Promotor: EGJJF

  • Sonntag 4 Oktober 2020

  • 11:00 – 13:00 Uhr.

  • Sportzaal Parijsch
    Zijderupsvlinderlaan 3 – Culemborg

  • EGJJF-mitglieder: Eur. 20,00
    Kein-mitglied: Eur. 25,00

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