Harold Harder: EGJJF Fundamentals exam preparation

This seminar will be excellent preparation for the blue and purple belt exams.
Amongst other things, self defense techniques and the finer details behind the basics will be covered during this training. Do not be fooled by the word basics! Being able to choke someone from the mount is all well and good but if you do not have 2 or 3 strong guard passes or you don’t know how to maintain the position once you get there you will have very little success during sparring. The ‘basics’ are often underemphasized in training and so, are often poorly executed. This is hardly surprising what with the multitude of BJJ techniques and styles that can be found nowadays at the touch of button over an ever growing number of social media sources. However, just like building a house, it is the foundation that’s the most important. Therefore, during this seminar Harold will help you step by step to build a strong all-round game that is applicable in all situations.


  • Promotor: EGJJF

  • Sunday Mai 15th 2022

  • 13:00 – 15:00 h

  • Gym Royale
    Klaprozenweg 42 –  Amsterdam

  • EGJJF-members: Eur. 20,00
    Non-members: Eur. 30,00

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