Harold Harder: EGJJF Fundamentals for instructors

This training, only accessible to instructors, is the 1st in a series of 4 trainings this year to certify yourself * as EGJJF Fundamentals instructor. During these trainings we will discuss how we should structure our lessons, in terms of warm-up, techniques and sparring. In doing so, we pay attention to keeping the training courses interesting for both the recreational and the fanatical, competitive sportsman. In addition to didactic skills, attention is also paid to the development of technical skills in accordance with the EGJJF curriculum. We conclude this training with lunch.


10:00 – 12:30 uur   Training
12:30 – 13:30 uur   Lunch


* A minimum of 2 training sessions must be attended to qualify for certification. In addition, additional conditions apply, such as a Certificate of Conduct and teaching and testing pupils according to the EGJJF Curriculum.

  • Promotor: EGJJF

  • Sunday December 15th 2019

  • 10:00 – 13:30 h

  • Total Defense (Harder-Jiu-Jitsu)
    Frederik Hendrikstraat 6, Venlo-Blerick
    The Netherlands

  • EGJJF-members: Free

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